Image of a 16-ounce glass jar of whole pickled beets from Mt. Pleasant Produce.

Amish Goods — Whole Pickled Beets, 16 oz.

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Do you love homemade pickled beets but don’t have time to make them yourself? Order a jar or two from Mt. Pleasant Produce and never be without this delicious favorite.

  • Made with farm-fresh produce
  • We use only a few simple ingredients including whole red beets
  • Created using our own family recipe
  • Packed in Lancaster County
  • Delicious homemade taste

Whether you prefer them on a sandwich, in a salad, or right out of the jar, these homemade pickled beets are sure to please. Made using our own unique family recipe and freshly picked produce, they simply don’t compare to those other store-bought varieties. Order these and other Amish goods from MT. Pleasant Produce in Honey Brook. 

  • 16-ounce glass jar
  • Contains: Red beets, sugar, water, vinegar (apple cider), Salt, Cloves, and Cinnamon
  • Keep refrigerated after opening