Image of an 8 oz. bottle of local spring wildflower raw honey

Raw Honey — Local Spring Wildflower, 8 oz. jar

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Enjoy the delicious taste and health benefits of natural raw honey that’s pure and unprocessed.

  • Raw honey is prized for its higher levels of antioxidants, pollen, and other beneficial components
  • Never heat-pasteurized
  • Collected on our local Pennsylvania farm
  • Smooth texture and rich, flavorful taste

Raw honey is one of nature’s most delectable treats. Unlike the honey you’ll find on most grocery store shelves, our spring wildflower raw honey isn’t subjected to the high temperatures and ultra-filtration processes that strip it of its delicious taste and health-promoting components. Instead, we believe it’s best in its natural state, straight from our hives to your table. Enjoy it on freshly-baked bread, in your coffee or tea, or right from the jar!

  • 8 oz. / 28 grams
  • Golden amber color
  • Raw/Unprocessed
  • 100% pure and natural honey — nothing added