Image of an 8 ounce glass jar of Amish market apple jam with a red label from Mt. Pleasant Produce.

Amish Market Apple Jam - 8 ounce jar

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Apple jam is a hard-to-find favorite that you can’t get at just any grocery store. Now you can enjoy it whenever you like when you shop at Mt. Pleasant Produce.

  • Made with fresh-picked apples that are locally-grown
  • Cooked and packed in Lancaster County
  • Made with only three simple ingredients
  • Created using our own family recipe
  • No artificial flavors or colors

Applesauce tends to get all of the attention, but just one taste of our apple jam and you’ll see why we prefer its buttery texture and rich apple taste, any day! This Amish market favorite starts with apples that are picked fresh on our Pennsylvania farm. Next, we add a little pineapple for some tang and then round out the tartness with a dash of sugar. That’s all it takes — just three simple ingredients and nothing more! 

  • 8-ounce glass jar
  • Contains: Apples, Pineapples, and Sugar