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Amish Dill Pickles — 16 oz.

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Not all pickles are the same! At Mt. Pleasant Produce, we grow our own produce and pack our pickles using just a few simple ingredients. 

  • Made with locally-grown cucumbers
  • Cucumbers are cleaned, cut, and packed by hand
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Made in small batches

Do you wish you had time to make homemade pickles? Now you can get pickles like grandma used to make when you order from our Amish market. We grow our own cucumbers and pack them using ingredients you’d find in your cupboard, not in a chemistry lab. The result is a pickle that’s full of flavor and nothing else. If you’re on the hunt for a better pickle, Mt. Pleasant Produce is the place to shop. 

  • 16 oz glass jar
  • Contains: Cucumbers, water, vinegar, salt, dill, spices
  • Product of Pennsylvania