Enjoy the finest dairy products made the old-fashioned way when you buy from Mt. Pleasant Dairy. Using the milk from our Amish farms, we make our cow and goat milk cheeses by hand, using traditional recipes. Whether you’re looking for raw goat’s milk cheese that’s prized for its tangy flavor or you’d prefer our raw cow’s milk cheese with it’s mild, buttery flavor, you simply can’t go wrong when you order from Mt. Pleasant Dairy. 

Looking for high-quality Amish food products but don’t have the time or access to a year-round farmer’s market? Our Amish farmers are located in Honey Brook, Pennsylvania and they have found a way to bring you their finest products without having you leave the comfort of your own home. Simply browse our site and place your order to have Pennsylvania’s finest Amish foods shipped right to your door. We not only offer dairy products, but we also carry a selection of raw honey, canned goods, and fresh, seasonal produce. Be sure to check our website often for new offerings.  

Are you curious about raw milk cheese? Our cheese is made using milk that has never been pasteurized and that means it still retains all of the healthy nutrients, bacteria, and enzymes present in raw milk. This makes raw milk cheese more flavorful and easier to digest. There are those who are concerned about the safety of using unpasteurized milk, however, all of our cheeses are aged for a minimum of 60 days — a step that ensures a safe product with ideal flavor. 

Experience the difference for yourself between store-bought pasteurized cheese and fresh, wholesome raw milk cheese.  When you buy from Mt. Pleasant Produce, you’re not only helping to support local farmers and centuries-old traditions, you’re buying better products for you and your family. Shop our website and place your order today!