Baked Goods

If there’s one thing that most people don’t do much of during the summer it’s baking. In fact, baking has become all but a lost art due to increasingly busy lifestyles that rely on takeout and quick meals. In day’s past, people would bake their own bread, muffins, or pies — it was part of daily life. But now, most people don’t have the luxury of time and therefore need to buy their baked goods elsewhere.

Fortunately, you can still get fresh, homemade goods, made by hand with only the best ingredients. Using traditional family recipes, our Amish baked goods are reminiscent of what your grandmother would make. Unlike the baked goods you’ll find at your local grocery store, we don’t add a bunch of artificial flavors or preservatives — just wholesome, delicious ingredients like flour, sugar, and eggs. 

When was the last time you had a made-from-scratch pie or some ooey-gooey sticky buns? You can get these and many other Amish baked goods by visiting our market or shopping our website. That’s right — you don’t have to live in Honey Brook to get your favorite farmer’s market goods. Simply shop our website, place your order, and we’ll ship them directly to you!

And don’t forget that we also sell plenty of tasty accompaniments for your bread and muffins. One of our favorites is pure raw honey, straight from the hive! This honey hasn’t been processed to remove all of the beneficial things like antioxidants and bee pollen. It’s only gently filtered and packaged — it’s mother nature’s sugar in its finest form! 

Whether you’re looking for homemade Amish baked goods, dairy products, produce, or jams and jellies, you’ll find all of this and more at Mt. Pleasant Produce in Honey Brook. Do you have a question about our farm market or one of our products? Give us a call or send a note through our website and we will be happy to help!