What Is Honeycomb?

Honey is gaining somewhat of a new following as people all over the United States are taking an interest in natural, wholesome, farm-fresh products. Not only that, but fresh, raw honey is known to have a variety of health benefits associated with it. 

At Mt. Pleasant Produce, we not only sell raw honey, but we sell honey with honeycomb and we also sell just a straight block of honeycomb. Although we enjoy honeycomb as a delicious treat, we’ve learned that not everyone is familiar with honeycomb. Today, we’re going to discuss what honeycomb is and what you can do with it. Keep reading, and if you’re interested in trying fresh honey or honeycomb straight from the farm, shop Mt. Pleasant Produce. 

Raw Honey 

All of the honey products we sell at Mt. Pleasant Produce are raw. But do you know what it means when you see honey that is labeled this way? Raw honey is honey that is simple and unprocessed. Oftentimes the honey that you buy at the store (unless it’s labeled “raw”) has gone through an extensive filtration process and it has also been pasteurized. Putting honey through these processes can damage or remove many of its beneficial components. 

Unless you’re only buying honey because you want to use a natural sweetener, then you might not care if your honey is raw or not. However, we think you would be missing out on all of the other wonderful properties that honey has to offer. For instance, raw honey contains pollen, enzymes, and antioxidants among other things and these ingredients can be very beneficial to your health. That’s why we always suggest you buy raw honey whenever possible.    


You may have seen honeycomb before, but if you don’t know much about it you might be hesitant to buy it.  After all, why exactly are you supposed to do with honeycomb? The honeycomb is simply a wax structure the bees use to store their honey and pollen. Knowing this, most people usually want to know if it’s edible, or if they’re supposed to use a special tool to dig the honey out of the little hexagon-shaped cells. The answer is that it is absolutely edible!

Although the honeycomb is made of wax, it’s a different kind of wax than what you would find in your ordinary household candle. Beeswax is soft and smooth — perfect for spreading on toast! And that’s exactly what most people do with it. You can spread it on bread, a roll, or a bagel. You can also just grab a spoon and dig into it as an after-dinner treat.

There’s no special way that you have to store your honeycomb. You can keep it at room temperature in the cupboard. Over time, your honeycomb will likely start to become crystallized, but it’s still just as good, and completely edible!

Benefits of Eating Raw Honey

As we mentioned above, raw honey that hasn’t been pasteurized often contains higher levels of beneficial things like pollen and antioxidants. These are suggested to provide several health benefits such as protection against infection, it can soothe a sore throat and help with digestive issues, and can even help to heal wounds. Buy some and try it for yourself. We can’t claim that it will solve all of your problems, but we guarantee that you’ll love how it tastes!

Buy Your Honeycomb From Mt. Pleasant Produce

If you’re looking for fresh, raw honeycomb, you can buy it, and many other farmers market products, here at Mt. Pleasant produce. We’re an Amish market located in Pennsylvania, but with the help of the internet and the local mail service, we can ship our products directly to you! Visit our website to browse our selection of raw honey, cheese, produce, and canned goods. Plus, don’t forget to check back often as we will be posting new items as we make them or when they come into season.  

Choosing to buy from markets like Mt. Pleasant Produce helps to support small farms and promotes awareness of all-natural, healthy foods. While many people would like to purchase products from farm markets or Amish markets like ours, they may not have one nearby. That’s why we hope you’ll spread the word about Mt. Pleasant Produce and visit our website today!