Make Mt. Pleasant Produce Part of Your Holiday Tradition!

The first official day of winter is just over a month away, and although you’ll have to wait a while before you can enjoy our fresh-picked produce again, you can still enjoy the homemade canned goods from Mt. Pleasant Produce Amish market in Honey Brook.

We offer a wide variety of canned pickles, relish, sauces, and more. Experience for yourself the difference between our freshly-packed products and the ones you’ll find sitting on the supermarket shelves for months. In fact, in today’s blog, we want to talk about all of the wonderful ways that you can enjoy our canned goods as part of your upcoming holiday celebrations. Keep reading to learn more.

Pre-Dinner Appetizers

If you’re hosting a holiday party or big family meal this year, then you know how much work it is to get everything prepared. Fortunately, our canned pickles can come in handy to help you create the perfect appetizer platter in just a few minutes. And by pickles, we aren’t just talking about the traditional cucumbers pickled with vinegar and dill (although we do have some of the best!) we’re talking about pickled vegetables in general and we have plenty to choose from. 

Pickles are a great pre-meal snack that gets you ready for eating a big meal without filling you up beforehand. Just order a few jars of pickled beets, mushrooms, baby corn, and sweet dills, and you’ll have all you need to create the perfect pickle platter.  


No matter what you’re serving for your holiday meal this year, make it even better with a little help from Mt. Pleasant Produce. Skip the jellied cranberry sauce that no one likes and consider serving our Amish cranberry apple sauce instead! Tired of the same old bird or roast at the center of your table? Give it a kick of flavor with our homemade BBQ sauce or hot pepper relish. 

Side Dishes

If you’re looking to add a little variety to your meal, check out these ideas using some of our most popular Amish canned goods. First, holiday meals can be pretty heavy, so why not lighten things up with a fresh green salad? For those who tend to think that salads are boring, might we suggest creating your own homemade dressing using our delicious pickled garlic? Or, bring out a jar of our four bean salad — it’s a classic that shouldn’t just be reserved for summer picnics. 

Holiday Gift Ideas

If your holiday celebration involves the exchanging of gifts, consider giving the gift of good taste and family recipes with homemade canned goods and other tasty treats from Mt. Pleasant Produce. Simply visit our website and browse from our collection of Amish canned goods, raw honey, jams and jellies, and so much more. We even offer a canned goods gift box and a jam gift box, each containing a handpicked selection of some of our most popular products. Getting everyone checked off of your holiday shopping list has never been easier!

Shop Mt. Pleasant Produce

At Mt. Pleasant Produce Amish market, we would like to wish you and your family a very happy holiday. And, if you would like to enjoy some homemade canned goods made according to our own cherished recipes, we encourage you to place an order and share them with those you love. Visit Mt. Pleasant Produce today!